””Guangzhou Tangyao Wires CO.,LTD , founded in 1989, is specialized in manufacturing fluoroplastics wire cable(FEP wire cable)
. We have held good reputation, powerful technology, advance equipment, strict quality control, and excellent customer service.

””””Our products are certified by UL and C-UL with reference No. E207696, style No. 1332, 10362 £¬ 2103 and 20242 £¬ certified by VDE mark VDE-Reg.-Nr.7656, VDE-Reg.-Nr.7829, VDE-Reg.-Nr.7726, and VDE-Reg.-Nr.7727, and also achieved ROHS(RS2862). CE marking. We have also obtained ISO9001 international quality management certification.
Our company response to the requirements of the EU RoHS directive, supply RoHS PVC, FEP, PFA ,XLPVC and low smoke zero halogen(LSOH) wires. According to the customesr requirements we supply of without phthalates (6P) and PAHsenvironmental electronic wires.
In addition, for the further cooperate with the international aspects of environmental protection and higher demands, to avoid such as buildings and electronic products fire occurred inadvertently, cause the wire burning with smoke and toxic combustion gases, which pollute the air environment and human inhalation of toxic gas have serious consequences. Our company supply ROHS also the basis of a comprehensive supply of more environmentally-friendly halogen-free cables.
Being very high insulation resistance, good performance at high temperature, non-flammable , good mechanical properties (also after ageing) , excellent chemical resistance and superior electrical properties, our products are widely used in wiring of lighting, appliances and electronic equipment. The reliable quality and competitive price enable to offer a competitive edge in the local and international market.